Here's the TRUTH about the the Corrupt Federal Indictment of Anton (Tony) Lazzaro...

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Tony Lazzaro is NOT a Sex Trafficker. Nor should he have ever been indicted for Federal Sex Trafficking. But due to an overzealous politically-motivated prosecutor, he has been locked up for over 18 Months... And the Feds are trying to send him to Federal Prison for 10-Years-to-Life.

We are friends of Tony who have developed this website to share the TRUE FACTS of this incredibly unusual and corrupt indictment. Please take a few moments to read the below facts for yourself...


  1. FACT: There has never, EVER been a Federal Sex Trafficking Case like this.

    When one thinks of sex trafficking, one typically immediately thinks of the coercion of women for the purpose of the trafficker illicitly profiting from the sale of their body. The Government themselves labels sex trafficking as:

    The United States Department of Justice

    Child Sex Trafficking

    Child sex trafficking refers to the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, patronizing, or soliciting of a minor for the purpose of a commercial sex act. Offenders of this crime who are commonly referred to as traffickers, or pimps, target vulnerable children and gain control over them using a variety of manipulative methods. Victims frequently fall prey to traffickers who lure them in with an offer of food, clothes, attention, friendship, love, and a seemingly safe place to sleep. After cultivating a relationship with the child and engendering a false sense of trust, the trafficker will begin engaging the child in prostitution, and use physical, emotional, and psychological abuse to keep the child trapped in a life of prostitution. It is common for traffickers to isolate victims by moving them far away from friends and family, altering their physical appearances, or continuously moving them to new locations. Victims are heavily conditioned to remain loyal to the trafficker and to distrust law enforcement. No child is immune to becoming a victim of child sex trafficking, regardless of the child's race, age, socioeconomic status, or location, and every child involved in this form of commercial sexual exploitation is a victim.


    In virtually every single other Sex Trafficking Case brought by the Federal Government (nationwide), they involve several (typically most if not all) of these components:

    • “Force, Fraud, Threats, or Coercion”
      (Formal legal term used by the DOJ in ALL OTHER Minnesota Federal Sex Trafficking indictments the last 10+ years).
    • Child Pornography.
    • Organized Brothels / Illegal Massage Parlors / Escort Agencies / Classified Ads, etc.
    • Criminal Sexual Conduct such as Rape, Assault, any sexual violence.
    • Knowingly soliciting victims below the State age of consent. (16 in Minnesota)
    • Interstate or Foreign Travel constituting Federal jurisdiction.

    Even in the extremely rare “non-typical” Federal sex trafficking cases (such as R. Kelly, Epstein, Maxwell) – they involved ALL of the above elements minus the organized business structures (component #2).

    Lazzaro's case has NONE of these, and cannot be compared to ANY other sex trafficking case in U.S. history.

    For the first time ever, the Feds are alleging that Tony was a “sugar daddy sex trafficker”. Even though, all relationships were 100% consensual, and the Government's entire theory of prosecution surrounds around giving lavish gifts to young women above the age of consent equates to Sex Trafficking.

    Tony is not accused of ANY of the elements found in 100% of other sex trafficking cases, ever.

  2. FACT: All Federal Sex Trafficking Convictions Require a 10-YEAR MANDATORY PRISON MINIMUM.

    If Tony were to somehow be convicted, Chief Judge Patrick Schiltz would be mandated to sentence him to at least 10-years in Federal Prison. (He has already spent well over a year in a maximum security federal holding facility where he remains prior to trial). These lengthy sentencing requirements were put in place by Congress to combat what Congress identified as the “modern form of slavery”. Never, ever a case like this.

    Congress made it very clear why this statue was passed over two decades ago in 2000:

    U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

    Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery. It is a crime involving the exploitation of people through compelled labor or a commercial sex act for illicit profit. Victims can be anyone from around the world or right next door: women and men, adults and children, citizens and noncitizens, and every race, religion, and nationality. An estimated 25 million people are being trafficked worldwide, 30 percent of whom are children.

  3. FACT: The Minnesota U.S. Attorneys Office (DOJ Federal Prosecutors) did not indict EVEN ONE OTHER Person for “Sex Trafficking” in the previous 20 Months prior to Tony's arrest.

    The last person arrested for Sex Trafficking before Lazzaro was an individual named Darnell Stennis in January 2020. Mr. Stennis was accused of beating a women in a hotel room when she refused to continue prostituting. He was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in Federal Prison (by Judge Schiltz).

    Last month, Darnell Stennis was murdered at a U.S. Penitentiary:

    Klax TV - Inmate Death at USP Pollock Read the article arrow right

    Besides these sparse cases, the “Minnesota Human Trafficking Investigators Task Force” has been a TOTAL FAILURE at actually identifying and stopping Real Sex Trafficking in Minnesota. Actual sex trafficking occurs everyday in Minnesota. Yet these cases go completely ignored by the Feds, instead resulting in state prosecutions resulting in FAR lesser prison sentences than federal prosecutions.

    human trafficking task force

    Meanwhile, individuals such as this mother in Ely, MN literally sold her 11-year-old daughter for sexual abuse and was charged with “Promoting Prostitution” as a state charge. Therefore she received just a small fraction of the sentence one indicted Federally for Sex Trafficking.

    Bring Me The News. - Charges: MN mom trafficked her 11-year-old daughter for cash, drugs Read the article arrow right
  4. FACT: The Lead Prosecutor is Blatantly Politically Motivated.

    It is well known that Tony Lazzaro was a political activist for center-right policies and exposing corrupt politicians on BOTH sides of the political isle.

    Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) committing multiple Federal felonies by engaging in a legal marriage with her biological brother for the purpose of committing immigration, student loan, and tax frauds. Mr. Lazzaro spent over $200,000 while both managing the campaign of Rep. Omar's opponent, as well as while a private citizen to contract with former CIA agents to legally obtain DNA samples from Rep. Omar and her ex-husband (brother). The result of this investigation proved a 99.999998% Full Siblingship match. But before Mr. Lazzaro could go public with this shocking bombshell, the US DOJ arrested him for “child sex trafficking” sending shockwaves through the local community.

    The FULL Detailed Investigation and Legal Brief can be viewed at:


    DNA Siblingship Report

    New York Post - FBI dodged Ilhan Omar-'bro' wed probe: Devine Read the article arrow right

    The Feds ignored all of this information, and instead put a target on Tony’s back.

    This has no doubt been the reason for the target on his back. Lead Prosecutor Laura M. Provinzino has donated more money to Democrat political causes the last decade than all other Minnesota Federal Prosecutors combined.

    This fact is undisputed in court filings and simply brushed off as a “mere coincidence” by the Government.

    Prosecutor Provinzino

    Prosecutor Provinzino even leaked the story of Tony's arrest to the Daily Beast left-wing political blog before any local media had even reported on the story. Just another crazy coincidence!

    Daily Beast - GOP Strategist Arrested for Underage Sex Trafficking Read the article arrow right
  5. FACT: The FBI Raided Tony's Condo with over 30 Heavily-Armed SWAT Agents at 6:00AM!

    Regardless of having zero criminal history whatsoever, the FBI has spared no expense in aggressively investigating him like he was Chapo Guzman. This includes sending over 30 agents to “raid him” and then once again to arrest him months later. This incredible waste of federal resources is disgraceful.

    Actual video clips of military-style pre-dawn raid of Tony's residence:

    In addition to raiding Tony's condo, his co-defendant Gisela Medina was also raided by several agents in her college dorm room. During that raid, the Trafficking Task Force Commander, Bobbi Jo Pazdernik, clearly felt it was very important to inquire repeatedly about Tony's personal assets inside his condo that had ZERO to do with a supposed “sex trafficking investigation”.

    Read the incredible transcript of this recorded interview for yourself:

    During the simultaneous raid at Tony's, FBI agents then proceeded to seize ALL of his gold/silver coins, and all other valuables in his personal safe worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. A year later, a Magistrate Judge ordered the Government must return ALL of these belongs as there were no grounds to seize them whatsoever in the first place.

  6. FACT: It's all about the Benjamins!

    Hundred dollar bills being printed

    Local shake-down Lawyer Jeff Anderson tried suing Tony and even running online ads to locate “victims” for a class-action lawsuit. After seeking out one initial client (who already admits to attempting to extort Tony) Anderson attempted to locate others he could represent as “Jane Doe” named plaintiffs.

    There's only one problem... He couldn't find any.

    Anderson's failed campaign seemingly ended last year and it's unclear what he even feels Tony did that would constitute a federal lawsuit for any type of “sexual abuse”.

    Jeff Anderson holding up a photo of Mr Lazzaro Ads run on social media from Jeff Anderson

  7. FACT: Co-defendant Gisela Medina (the supposed “Trafficker”) was Granted Immediate Bond Release and an UNHEARD OF Plea Deal... if she agreed to Testify against Tony.

    The Prosecutors have made it no mystery that they were desperate for Ms. Medina to testify against Tony at trial.

    To achieve this, they offered Medina immediate release after her initial court appearance, dropping 5 out of 7 charges against her, and filing a “5k.1” which would allow the Judge to go well below the 10-year minimum as part of the deal. (Meaning likely almost zero prison time as the remaining “Conspiracy” count she is charged with has NO mandatory minimum sentence).

    The reality however is Ms. Medina was an 18-year-old high school senior when she was supposedly “sex trafficking” by partying with her friends at Tony's condominium.

    Photo of Mr Lazzaro and Ms Medina

  8. FACT: The Feds were Caught Red-Handed Listening to Attorney-Client Privileged Phone Calls.

    While trying to prepare for his trial in jail, federal agents have spent their time listening to HUNDREDS of hours of Tony's private phone calls with his girlfriend, family, friends, etc. In doing so, they also (allegedly accidentally) clicked on over 16 of his calls with his attorney. When subpoenaed to testify on the matter, the FBI agents claimed these were merely “mis-clicks” and not intentional.

    The mere fact these FBI agents feel it necessary to monitor every single phone call Tony makes from jail shows their unbelievable desperation in this case.

    StarTribune - Accused sex trafficker Anton Lazzaro's attorneys say authorities listened in on priviledged jail calls Read the article arrow right

    Photo of Mr Lazzaro and Ms Medina

  9. FACT: Tony began Dating his Girlfriend after they were Introduced by Gisela Medina. Was this Sex Trafficking then too?

    According to the DOJ, hooking up friends with other friends is now Sex Trafficking.

    Tony's girlfriend was investigated by the FBI, and even had her bank account closed as a result of her possible “involvement in sex trafficking” before the Feds realized she would not be interested in assisting their absurd case.

    Tony and his girlfriend have been in a serious relationship for over a year and met under the same friend group as the alleged “victims” the Federal government sought out to charge him as a “sex trafficker”.

    Her testimony at trial will only further display the absurdity of this indictment.

    Photo of Mr Lazzaro with his girlfriend

CONCLSUION: Tony Lazzaro is an Extremely Kind and Generous Individual. He is not a Criminal, and certainly not a “Sex Trafficker”.

The facts show that Tony has donated HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to charities, GoFundMe efforts / those in need, and political causes. He does so because that's who he is. He has never sought any favors from any politicians or anyone. Tony's generosity has touched the lives of literally hundreds of people (and pets!).

Anyone who has met Tony knows what a bighearted individual he is.

His generosity towards anyone he has had a private intimate relationship with simply does not constitute anything remotely close to “sex trafficking” or any criminal behavior whatsoever.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page!

Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. — Scott Adams

Disclaimer: This website is operated by friends of Anton (Tony) Lazzaro. All content on this website is protected by the First Amendment and based 100% on genuine facts. Any opinion on this page does not necessarily represent the views of Mr. Lazzaro or his legal team. For any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for reading!

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